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I'O Menu

( Our suggestion of wine or martini that would compliment the food item).

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Oyster Bruschetta
Sautéed fresh Fanny Bay oysters on grilled crostini with spicy cilantro butter and chives $10

Strawberry Fields
Fresh strips of Ahi tossed with julienne herbs, lettuces and Maui onions from our farm in Honey Chili Water and sprinkled with black sea salt $12

I’o Crab Cakes
Panko crusted crab and goat cheese cakes with roasted red bell peppers, garlic and a caramelized Maui onion and miso aioli with green papaya slaw $14

Cowboy Ribs
“Fall off the Bone” tender, grilled baby back pork ribs, hoisin barbeque glaze, grilled Maui Gold pineapple $11

Scallops & Big Island mushrooms sautéed with fresh thyme, olive oil and lime $15

Crispy Ahi
Nori, wasabi and panko crusted sashimi Ahi, green papaya salad, soy ginger dressing $16

“The Whimsical Bowl”
Our Soup of the day is filled with one of our Chef’s fresh ideas. Consult your “foodie”/ server for details and wine pairing! $12

Appetizers | Salads | Risotto Bar | Entree's




Super Bowl
A variety of power greens , pea shoots, mung beans, Maui onions, Quinoa, greens and herbs in a seasonal island vinaigrette $12

Waipoli Road
Assorted O’o Farm greens & vegetables, fresh herbs, Olowalu tomatoes with Maui onions and feta cheese tossed in a citrus mustard vinaigrette $12

Farm Arugula with green papaya and carrot ribbons tossed in a pink peppercorn honey vinaigrette $9

Roasted Waipoli fennel, Maui oranges, fresh oregano, olive oil and Molokai Sea salt $9



O’o Farm Beets - Roasted heirloom beets in our farm pesto with feta cheese, macadamia nuts, and raisins $11

Garlic Greens- Organic leafy greens with garlic confit and toasted sesame seeds $ 11

Green Bean Gremolata- Kula beans sautéed with Italian parsley, garlic; bread crumbs and lemon zest $ 11

Ali’i Mushroom- Sautéed Hawaii Island mushrooms with sliced shallots, thyme & lemon juice $11

O’o Farm Veggie Delight- A medley from the farm cooked just right! $11 Kula Spuds- Organic Kupa’a Farms potatoes sautéed with Kula rosemary, shallot, and Molokai Sea salt $8



Organic Beet - Beet juice infused, with roasted Kula beets & feta cheese garnish

Heirloom Carrot - Carrot juice infused, with O’o Farm baby heirloom carrots & mint oil

Kula Green- Pesto with assorted O’o Farm greens & garlic confit

Royalty- Ali’i mushrooms flamed with brandy, shallots, Olowalu orange zest & thyme


Fresh Fish- Choose from tonight’s fresh selection of catch marinated in fresh herbs & cold pressed olive oil, seasoned with Molokai sea salt Choice of sauces: Goat Cheese Fondue, Lobster Butter, or Pesto $24

Tuna Confit- Kaiulani spice charred Ahi in O’o Farm kaffir lime oil $14

Scallops- Pan seared with lobster butter sauce $14

The Three Little Pigs- All natural Carlton Farms pork cheek medallions braised in Maui Ti leaf sweet garlic jus $14

My Shorty- Braised Maui Cattle beef short rib, braising glaze $12

Hawaii Filet- Mixed peppercorn and Molokai sea salt, fresh Hawaiian peppercorn brandy sauce $28


Appetizers | Salads | Risotto Bar | Entree's

(Complete Plates)

Road to Hana
Grilled fresh catch with seasonal fruit, greens & rice with a passion fruit dressing and a basil yogurt accent $34
An off dry fruity Chenin Blanc

Crabby Catch
Oven-roasted fresh fish topped with a lightly spiced crab salad over wilted greens and served with a roasted corn coconut sauce & O’O Farm basil pesto accent $38
A crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc

Rainbow Catch
Oven roasted fish with a lemongrass pesto & Olowalu tomatoes, goat cheese fondue sauce & white truffle oil accent over rice and dill cucumber salad $36
A buttery and balanced Chardonnay

Lamb ‘Pa’
Lamb chops grilled with Madras curry & porcini mushroom spice, roasted O’o beets, pineapple demi-glace & lavender yogurt accent $38
A bold, earthy old world red wine

16oz. Veal Porterhouse
Seasoned with Molokai sea salt, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes and fresh Hawaiian peppercorn brandy sauce $44
A Cabernet Blend from Bordeaux or the West Coast

The I’o Trio
Seared fresh catch with lobster coconut curry sauce over a mushroom asparagus risotto, grilled petit filet mignon, grilled Madras curry and porcini mushroom
dusted lamb chop with a pineapple demi $42
A smooth, rich and velvety Merlot

Welcome to modern dining. . . Imagine real food!

Executive Chef/Owner: James McDonald Chef de Cuisine: Brian Murphy

Appetizers | Salads | Risotto Bar | Entree's

Please ask your server about tours of our very own O’O farm
We now offer off-site catering and a private party room


GROUP MENU'S Available

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